Mmm Mmm Good Cornbread

CornbreadSure, I couldn’t make the party but that really wouldn’t stop me from baking something now would it? No, of course not. Husband and I already had plans to attend a family graduation celebration but I really did want to bake something this weekend. Friday, I had planned on making cornmeal rolls for the party but decided at the last minute that they weren’t right for a BBQ. A BBQ requires something corny, fluffy, and with just a little bit of sweet. Usually I make the Corn Drop Biscuits in the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook, but I don’t really like how non-uniform they look (I’ve had a drop biscuit look like a breast complete with nipple and that did me in). So I moved on to her other cornbread recipe and nixed the corn because I didn’t have any on hand and made them without. Husband tasted a few slices and heartily approved, which is always a good sign. He isn’t nearly as tough a critic as I am, but when I get an “mmm” from him, I know I’ve done good. These cornbread bits got two “mmm’s” so I felt pretty confident when I dropped them off at the party.


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