Dressing Up Eggplant

I enjoy LOVE baking, but I am expanding my repertories and adding a new category to my personal cookbook-side dishes. Sunday night we did our grocery shopping and to my great despair discovered our local Safeway was out of my beloved zucchini. I struggled to think how I could fill my plate without my green-skinned pinch hitter. But frugal enlightenment was just down the aisle, the purple meaty eggplants winked at me and called to me with their 10 for $10 price tag. I’m always swayed by a bargain but I was hesitant to buy more than one for fear of depositing the unused, neglected remains in the the trash. How many of my produce good intentions end up filed in the plastic trash can? (Acorn squash, spaghetti squash…)

So I struck with a vengeance, and started looking for a tasty eggplant recipe at Cooking Light. There were several but I opted for Grilled Eggplant Salad since I knew thought we had all the ingredients. When I realized that bleu cheese isn’t the same thing as feta cheese, I realized another grocery trip was in order. Husband obliged me and we headed of to the nearby Nugget to grab some feta. While walking back to the cheese section, I was stopped as the piles of tasty green-skinned zucchini waved and called me to purchase a bag full. It was a blissful meeting and we all headed home together.

After an hour of shadowboxing, I was starting to get hungry and was able to make the grilled eggplant salad and broiled zucchini in little to no time. What really made this dish a success for me was the variety of flavors in the salad. The feta softened the harshness of the vinegar, and the eggplant gave a nice meaty bite next to the soft tomatoes. There was enough left that husband and I will be finishing it off for lunch. Shame we didn’t have any zucchini left but what can I say, I’ve burned myself before from eating it straight from the pan.


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