After my last offering (Pecan Sticky Rolls) for the birthday brunch at work, I secretly promised myself to that next time I would either (a) bring fruit or (b) bring a casserole. But alas, I just can’t keep promises to myself. I saw the recipe for Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls in the June issue of Cooking Light and all hope of keeping my word were gone. After my first foray into bread making I got hooked and now I’m instantly attracted to any recipe that has one devilish five letter word in it, y-e-a-s-t.

I really enjoyed the process of making these rolls, it had several steps (my inner Martha beamed proudly), involved waiting as the dough rised, rolling the dough, and only minimal oven time so the house didn’t get too warm. It was absolutely perfect so you can understand why I was crestfallen when the end product just didn’t seem worthy of the process. My husband liked them and while I admit they didn’t taste bad they just didn’t taste incredible. And after multiple steps, I want incredible.



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2 responses to “Rollin’

  1. carrievision

    My hubby tried both of the Cook’s illustrated cinnamon roll recipes – they have a traditional recipe and a “light” version.

    It’s probably not too much of a guess which recipe won. Maybe cinnamon rolls are just one of those things you have to go full-fat on! His had a cream cheese glaze, maybe that would help these??

  2. I agree, cinnamon rolls are just not something that is meant to be healthy. The other reviews for this recipe on the CL website, both are positive, course they both added something extra (FF cream cheese, walnuts, sugar) to the recipe. Maybe that’s all these little rolls need is a some sugar and fat. Mmm..sugar and fat. šŸ˜‰

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