{insert Plum cliche}

Off and on for the last week, as I was gearing up for the plum extravaganza, I wondered what great plum cliche would I use as the title for my post. Plum crazy was my intention but I knew I could find something well not so cliche. Such as…

Cliché: Bubble shy of plumb, A  

Cliché: Bubble shy of plumb, A

However there just aren’t as many plum cliches as I imagined. So I move on because this really isn’t a blog about cliches, rather about cooking, baking, and the activities of my kitchen. So here we go sans cliche!

A co-worker had recently blessed me with a plethora of plums (I said I’d avoid cliches not alliterations) that sat silently in my fridge for a week. I scoured my favorite cooking sites online to find just the perfect use for these gorgeous plums. I found several recipes, many for yummy looking plum butters, but I didn’t find THE ONE until I spied this recipe. With the 4th soon upon us, I needed plans for the Wednesday holiday and talked my mother in law into hosting a make shift celebration. It was as if the plums had aligned. But the cosmic energies were not done yet! My MIL had also just received my latest birthday gift (my birthday is in April and she’s a tad late for various amazon.com reasons), The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. And within the pages was a recipe for plum ice cream. So the magical combination of Red, White, and Blueberry Cheesecake Tart and Plum Ice Cream was born and eaten (rather quickly).

I’m not a large fan of cheesecake, but I think I should rephrase or recant that statement after I gorged myself on two large slices of this one. It was light on the light cream cheese and had a nice tang from the sour cream. But when topped with the plum glaze and blueberries it was beyond worldly. With such stiff competition it would be hard for any ice cream to stand up, but the plum ice cream did a fine job of complimenting the creaminess of the cheesecake and softening the bite of the intense plum jelly. It was a fine end to a great meal and a nice way for my many plums to meet their recipe. And the fact I didn’t end this in another cliche is plum amazing!


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