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After my last offering (Pecan Sticky Rolls) for the birthday brunch at work, I secretly promised myself to that next time I would either (a) bring fruit or (b) bring a casserole. But alas, I just can’t keep promises to myself. I saw the recipe for Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls in the June issue of Cooking Light and all hope of keeping my word were gone. After my first foray into bread making I got hooked and now I’m instantly attracted to any recipe that has one devilish five letter word in it, y-e-a-s-t.

I really enjoyed the process of making these rolls, it had several steps (my inner Martha beamed proudly), involved waiting as the dough rised, rolling the dough, and only minimal oven time so the house didn’t get too warm. It was absolutely perfect so you can understand why I was crestfallen when the end product just didn’t seem worthy of the process. My husband liked them and while I admit they didn’t taste bad they just didn’t taste incredible. And after multiple steps, I want incredible.



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Mmm Mmm Good Cornbread

CornbreadSure, I couldn’t make the party but that really wouldn’t stop me from baking something now would it? No, of course not. Husband and I already had plans to attend a family graduation celebration but I really did want to bake something this weekend. Friday, I had planned on making cornmeal rolls for the party but decided at the last minute that they weren’t right for a BBQ. A BBQ requires something corny, fluffy, and with just a little bit of sweet. Usually I make the Corn Drop Biscuits in the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook, but I don’t really like how non-uniform they look (I’ve had a drop biscuit look like a breast complete with nipple and that did me in). So I moved on to her other cornbread recipe and nixed the corn because I didn’t have any on hand and made them without. Husband tasted a few slices and heartily approved, which is always a good sign. He isn’t nearly as tough a critic as I am, but when I get an “mmm” from him, I know I’ve done good. These cornbread bits got two “mmm’s” so I felt pretty confident when I dropped them off at the party.

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