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Bourbon Fudge Brownies

With the year slowly approaching the half way mark, the number of celebrations are about to triple. Trust me, I’m almost as excited about the parties as I am about the numerous baking opportunities. And early summer in California means that all sorts of stone fruits are ripe and ready to be made into pies, cakes, and cookies. It’s as if the heavens have aligned and pre-destined all bakers to find nirvana. The only downside, mind you a significant one, is that the heat from the oven can be a bit of a summer baking drawback.

But we must take all things in stride and keep positive and reflect at this mid-year crossing. Myself, I’m thinking back to when we purchased a bottle of bourbon for a cake recipe that husband and I picked for a weekend get together. Unfortunately the party was canceled and since then I’ve been working steadily to finish off the bottle. What I’ve found is I really enjoy having a theme ingredient and my frugal nature inclines me to want to use every last drop of that bottle. If it weren’t for the bourbon I might not have considered making these brownies and what would be a shame.

The most striking thing about this recipe was boiling the bourbon. Typically, I’ve just added the bourbon to the wet ingredients, marinaded with it or added it to an already cooked icing; so if not for the warning from the reviews I would have been overpowered by the stink from the boiling bourbon. I completely agree with the reviewer who said “Look out!!! Just standing too close the boiling bourbon fumes could knock the cook over!” Hopefully these brownies will bowl over my friends and teammates at the end of the season bowling league get together on Wednesday. 



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