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This Pie is a Handful

Summer is the season of pie. While pie is popular all year long, inevitably the abundance of fresh fruit in the summer dictates one or two pies must be made. Pies are a great dessert to use up extra fruit and nothing is more forgiving to slightly bruised fruit than pie.

This summer I was struck by the want to make a pie from scratch long before I had the means to fill it thanks to the movie, Waitress. This movie not only carved a need in me to make pie, eat pie and covet pie, but also a desire to create my own recipes. There’s something how Jenna, the lead character, mirrors her feelings and emotions in her pies that really drew me in. While I don’t want to ever be in the same situation as Jenna, I certainly envy her ability to be so in touch with her feelings and use baking (not eating) pie as a means of therapy.

Making these hand pies wasn’t therapeutic for me but it was certainly enjoyable. I used a new pie crust recipe, Pate Brisee, from Martha Stewart and I’m overjoyed to finally have a flaky, tender pie crust recipe to call my own. I’ve struggled with pie crust before and while I still want to try out this Pate Brisee recipe in a traditional pie pan, I’m encouraged by these tender, flaky hand pies.

Between the crust, I opted to use a pre-made pie filling even though there’s a shopping bag full of plums in the fridge. Husband’s mother had come into a few extra jars of pie filling through a friend from the Internet and I’ve been eager to try them ever since she stocked her pantry. Being able to simply spoon in the prepared pie filling made preparation so easy and while in the end the blueberry filling was lacking for sweetness, I wouldn’t rule out using a different pie filling the next time.

What I liked most about these hand pies is they really are perfect for holding in your hand. This alone makes them perfect for social situations since they can be held, easily portioned, and don’t require the hostess to dirty any additional plates or cutlery. It’s always a good idea to consider the social situation and menu when bringing a dish and in the summer when every other weekend is an opportunity to grill and eat outdoors with friends, these handpies make a quick and easy way to sweeten the season.


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