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Makin’ Bacon Cupcakes

Lately, bacon has been getting the star treatment. With the world dominated by foodies and health nuts (myself both categories), bacon is constantly rising in popularity. From bacon placemats, bacon band-aids, to bacon scarves: everyone wants a bit of bacon. I find it really interesting to hear people talk about foods they couldn’t give up. People, myself included, have such an emotional bond with food that when they think about giving up one beloved food for the sake of health, the idea of a diet becomes unfathomable. For me, it’s ice cream, but I imagine the idea of never having bacon again would also throw me into a fit. There is just something about the peppery, sweet, fatty taste of bacon that can’t be replaced or given up.

Thankfully, we don’t have to! In the July issue of Cooking Light, I found a Bacon-Cheddar Corn Muffins recipe that was absolutely perfect for an upcoming Barbeque at pair of foodies’ house. The idea of bacon in a muffin made me smile. I love when I see food outside of it’s normal habitat and bacon in a muffin wrapper definitely qualifies. The recipe was quite easy to follow and with husband’s help in cooking the bacon, it was easy to mix together prior to going to bed. Another thing I love about bacon is how the perfume of cooked bacon hangs in the air long after the meal is served. It’s almost like the bacon’s calling card, but the wafting scent of cooked bacon sent me into a deep sleep filled with dreams of peppered Applewood Bacon and B.L.T. sandwiches. Other than the enjoyable scent of the bacon, the other fun bit of the recipe was curdling the milk with lemon juice. I took a few pictures because (1) it’s cool to watch and (2) I had to wait two minutes for the brew to curdle fully.

In the end, the muffins were almost completely eaten (except for 2) at the party. And while they were a bit dry by the end, I think this could easily be fixed by not using Fat Free Kraft cheese and following the recipe. (God bless Husband, he’s so used to my ‘light’ cooking that he naturally grabbed the FF stuff.)



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already contradictory

Chicken Strips with Corn on the Cob and Zucchini

It’s ironic that my first post on bnf (baked, not fried) should be a fried food. Since leaving Oklahoma, I’ve had to cut back on my fried food consumption mostly because it’s just not available to me here in California. Because I live in a land of fruits and nuts without a piece of fried okra in sight, I often long for the foods (unhealthy ones) of my youth but rarely do I make them.

Probably because as longingly as I recall the smell of the batter-dipped delights, I also remember the popping oil that singed my skin. It only stands to reason that something so wonderful, can not be created without a struggle, but I am cowardly when it comes to potential oil burns. So it is with great surprise to my husband and myself, that I stated quite matter of factly that I would be making fried chicken for lunch on Sunday.

Earlier that week, I’d come across a recipe from Cooking Light for chicken strips that would most likely use up the remaining buttermilk and my frugality won. I would give pan frying another try.

The process wasn’t nearly as difficult as I remembered it to be. And the touch of the cold wet pink chicken flesh didn’t faze me at all (much to my surprise!). Husband even stopped by the stove momentarily to witness the oddity that is me cooking and not baking. I felt quite southern in that moment, just like I was back home, making fried chicken for ‘muh man’ on a Sunday afternoon. Later as we were eating the quite delicious chicken/corn/zucchini meal, he said we needed to move this dish into our monthly rotation, and I didn’t even flinch. The siren song of fried foods woos us all, Californians and ex-Southerners alike.

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